Only 21 Spots Left!


Only 21 Spots Left!

The ONLY Real-Time Facebook Monitoring & Ranking Technology For Individual Leads

Automatically see NEW and PREVIOUSLY HIDDEN lead engagements across your Facebook page(s) RANKED in PRIORITY ORDER. Instantly know who your top leads are to focus on AND their full engagement history so that you can close more sales...without ever leaving LeadKlozer!

We’re the world’s first Facebook Marketing CRM, built by and for Social Media Marketers!

We’re the world’s first Facebook Marketing CRM, built by and for Social Media Marketers!

Trusted By Social Entrepreneurs, Social Media Consultants,
Leading Influencers And Top Digital Agencies

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More Sales

Mary Van Doorn, Social Entrepreneur - "I increased my sales by 300% using LeadKlozer because I could simply see opportunities I couldn't before."

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More Engagement

Scott Scales- “Getting 20-30% more engagement really impacts my bottom line. This gives me an unfair advantage over my competitors!”

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More Time

Jenny Dobmeier – “I used to spend 50% of my time setting my priorities. I now spend 90% of my time in my core follow-up activities.”

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More Everything

Joel Comm, Leading Influencer - "With all the social tools out there, I’m amazed no one has come up with this before. Get ready to do 150% more than ever before."

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LeadKlozer Unlocks High Priority Facebook Lead Opportunities... Especially Those You've Never Been Able To See Before

There was previously no way to track and prioritize Facebook page engagements (likes, comments, replies, chatbots, messages and forms) by the INDIVIDUAL LEAD. Crazy, right? How could any Facebook Marketer possibly see every lead engagement AND know who was engaging with them most often... until now!

See All Comments Needing A Reply (#1 Missed Lead Opportunity) In One Dashboard

The #1 missed lead opportunity for Facebook Marketers of all levels is MISSED COMMENTS. Never miss a comment on any post, ad or Facebook page again! Save tons of time by seeing and replying to all your "Open Comments" IN ONE PLACE!

Make Sales From Reactions Through PREVIOUSLY HIDDEN Facebook Messaging Steps

How many IMPORTANT leads are engaging with you through likes, hearts and smiley faces? What if you knew every time these leads reacted to your posts or ads? What if you could COMMUNICATE with them DIRECTLY?

A Real-Time Command Center For Every Individual Lead

Any reaction, comment, reply, message, chatbot conversation or lead ad form auto creates a Contact Profile. Now you have every opportunity to REPLY to individual leads, see their full engagement history, tags, notes or any contact information.

No Two Leads Are The Same. Why Treat Them That Way?

LeadKlozer automatically shows who your most engaged leads are based on our lead priority algorithm, Smart Score (Example SC 259). See who is the most likely to generate the most revenue from a list of everyone interacting with your Facebook page(s)!

Unlimited Custom Lead Lists. Unlimited Sales Opportunities.

You now have a personal search engine of your entire contact database. See all leads that commented on your Facebook ads in the last week. That are at a certain stage in your sales process. That you've tagged with “SharedPricing” but haven't bought yet.

See what customers love about LeadKlozer.

Scott Scales,
Digital Agency Owner

Scott answers questions about how he increases engagement 20-30% with LeadKlozer and why it’s a tool you’ll never stop using.

Renee Shannon,
Insurance Agent/Manager

Renee answers questions about how she gets two more hours out of her day using LeadKlozer.

Mary Van Doorn, Entrepreneur, Fitness Trainer

Mary answers questions about how she increased her ROI by 300% and how there’s no other way to do what LeadKlozer allows you to see and do.

Roman Seremet, Agency Owner

As an agency, LeadKlozer has changed the process and way we follow-up on our client's social engagements. We now have a new system that kills it in terms of getting so much more out of our existing social campaigns. This is a brilliant tool. Finally a CRM for Social Media Marketers.

Linda Hopkins, Social Entrepreneur

I always use to be so frustrated because I knew I was missing all kinds of comments across all my posts and ads. Facebook really doesn’t make this easy to manage at all. LeadKlozer shows me all my comments that I need to reply to in one place, no matter where they are. What a lifesaver!

Angie Neal, Social Media Consultant

Not only does it completely remove a major pain point of missing leads all over the place, but it makes it super easy to stay organised, waste so much less time and show my clients what I am accomplishing for them with such greater detail. It’s my secret weapon and competitive advantage! 🙂

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** Sub-accounts come with 2 Facebook Pages, 1 admin, 2 users and a limit of 30,000 contacts each.

Stop Letting Facebook Sales Fall Through Your Fingers

Facebook Marketers that work hard to create compelling ads, post engaging content, track interactions and talk to their highest priority leads are simply BLIND to the majority of lead engagements on their Facebook pages... UNTIL NOW!

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